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Welcome to gryffinhor, home of the Gryffinwhores of the ontdpigfarts community. Clearly we are totally awesome (more-so than the other houses) because we are definitely the sexiest house~ While the other houses are busy b’awwing and being douches and finding things, we’re out there being brave and whoreish and shit. As for RULES please follow all of the rules listed at ontdpigfarts and keep the drama out of here. If you have an issue with anyone/anything, please contact me and I will work it out. If I see you breaking any rules I will whip out my sword kthxbai.

Meet the mod;

SUP I'M SARAH. I'm 16 and I am a high school student. I am your mod / head of house here at gryffinhor. If you have any problems that pertain to this community either use owl-a-mod or message me. I will try to work it out to the best of my abilites. I apologize if it takes a few days for me to reply, sometimes I get busy with my life and forget to check/reply to messages.